Standard version

Clean steel with the Ladle Sliding Gate Valve Model FT3 GT

The FT3 GT is designed for customers with high demands for the quality of steel. The 3 plate sliding gate system forms a closed housing with high-temperature- resistant seals, into which inert gas can be injected at appropriate points. This shields the system against air ingress.

The gas passes through the ladle sliding gate valve, around the collector nozzle into the funnel or to the shroud. So a combination of stream and slide gate shielding is realized.

In FT3 GT emphasis was placed on safety and ease of use. Thus, the center plate is mounted in a cassette, which can be swiveled to an open position, allowing free access to the slide plate.

Previous versions

TYPEø (mm)
FT 3 160GTmax. 65
FT 3 200GTmax. 100
FT 3 100GTPlattenvarianten-

FT3GT with End-Hinge

Also available as an end hinge mechanism (not implemented yet)

Ladle Slide Gate with End Hinge


Our gas-carrying End Hinge slide gate offers all the advantages that a gas-carrying three plate slide gate with a standard hinge also offers. Like in our standard three plate systems the middle plate is stored in a swivelling cassette. By installing a suitable sealing cord, the robust, ergonomic three plate slide gate becomes a gas-carrying system that meets the highest demands on steel quality.

TYPEø (mm)
FTK -3 160GTmax. 65
FT K-2     GTmax. 100

The FTK2 GT is not yet in use, but can also be implemented on request.

NOVELTY: FT2 GT- Gas-Carrying Two-Plate Slide Gate for Continuous Casting

Like all slide gates in the GT series, the FT2 GT was developed for customers with high demands on steel quality. The two-plate ladle slide gate has a closed housing which is sealed with high temperature resistant seals. This enables the application of a barrier pressure by means of inert gas and the shielding from the outer atmosphere.

The gas is directed through the slide gate past the collector nozzle right onto the ladle shroud. In this way, a combination of ladle shroud fumigation and slide gate shielding is realized.

Also the FT2 GT is very user-friendly. The slide can be moved with different plate variants, identical to the FT universal ladle slide.

TYPEø (mm)
FT 2     160GTmax. 65
FT 2     200GTmax. 100




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