In June 2002, KNÖLLINGER FLO-TEC GmbH, based in Hillscheid, was founded as a partner of KNÖLLINGER Keramische Verschleißteile GmbH.

As an innovative company, we strive to develop high-quality products that meet your special requirements. Our philosophy is to manufacture the best ladle slide gate on the market. This results in the user-friendliness, durability and ease of maintenance of our products, which gives us an ever-growing, satisfied customer base.

Furthermore, our products offer an unprecedented level of flexibility. For example, a large number of unpatented plates can be used in our slide gates, which can also be purchased on the free market. This creates independence, a high degree of flexibility and thus enables optimization of profitability.

In the “Clean Steel” sector in particular, we are often successful with our gas-carrying systems. For ingot caster, with our three-plate slide gate FT3 GT and recently also for continuous casting steel plants with our sealed, gas-carrying two-plate slide gate. You can find more information here.

In addition to regular new and further developments, our product range also includes the traditional slide gate, based on the FLO-CON system, and the type 17 with hydraulic closing system, also based on FLO-CON. Our portfolio also includes precision plug lifters.

You can find more information under the relevant product information. We are looking forward to your contact!




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D - 56204 Hillscheid


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