As an innovative company we are always striving to develop quality products that meet your specific requirements. Our benefit is that we employing people with years of experience in the field of FLO-CON.

Our product range also includes separation/emergency slide, and precision plug jacks.More information can be found under product information, or contact us.

Universal-Ladle Sliding Gate Model FT

An easy-to-use ladle sliding gate in which several shapes of refractories can be used.

e.g. the newly developed, light and durable FT – refractory plates or the standard FLO-CON Plates but also others like LS or LV etc.


Gas-Leading 3–Plate Ladle Sliding Gate Valve (novelty)

The model FT3 GT is designed for customers with high demands for the quality of steel. The 3 plate sliding gate system forms a closed housing with high-temperature-resistant seals, into which inert gas can be injected at appropriate points. This shields the system against air ingress.


Ladle Sliding Gate Valves Based on FLO-CON

Our product range includes the traditional sliding gate based on FLO-CON as well as the new generation Type 17 which is closed via hydraulic.


Custom-Made Ladle Sliding Gate Valves

Do you have special requirements and wishes? We can check for possibilities!


Actuating Systems

Here you find our standard actuating systems.

Depending on the situation, the possibility of adaptation on the existing actuating system can be checked





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